PLEASE READ THIS DOCUMENT CAREFULLY. By registering on our trip, you accept these Terms and Conditions (“Agreement”), which forms a binding agreement between you and Travel Factor. This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between Travel Factor and you concerning the subject matters hereof.


- For SUMMER SIREN FESTIVAL PACKAGES and TICKETS registrants and payees, all packages and tickets purchased (in part or full) are considered non-refundable, but transferable to another person. Please notify us via email ( in cases of slots transferred.

- For KAPITOLYO 101 registrants and payees, you are not required to have any experience to participate our BEGINNER workshops. Once registration and payment has been made, the workshop fee will be non-refundable and non-transferable to another workshop date. If you need to cancel your registration, you are welcome to transfer your seat to a friend. To do this, you must give 72 hours prior written notice via email to including the name, email and contact number of the person you are transferring to.




1.1 Slot Status

Availability of slots are updated real-time.

In cases where trip status indicates “Fully Booked”, Travel Factor may decide to provide new slots should enough number of participants sign up.  Interested participants are encouraged to call our HQ to inquire on possible opening of slots or chance of wait-list or late registration.

1.2 Booking

A completed booking must have the following:

1.2.1 Registration

Minimum information and contact details will be given by the participant(s) for our reference. All information are assumed valid and true and cannot be use against Travel Factor.

1.2.2 Confirmation Code

After you complete registration, a confirmation code of your booking will be provided and emailed after being verified by our team. This will serve as our main reference for your booking.

1.2.3 Email Confirmation

Bank/Check or Cash payment preference will be verified and approved by our team first. Once verified, an automatic email confirmation will be send to you with the details of your registration and payment procedures. PayPal payment preference is processed automatically until payment is finished.

For group registration, the email confirmation will be send to the first person on your booking. You may send us an email request to send a copy of the confirmation to other members on the group.

Should you not receive an email confirmation after 24 hours, your booking must have not been approved due to duplicate booking, invalid email, invalid registration or fictitious information.


2.1   Domestic

-        Participants who register for a trip months before the schedule are prescribed to pay at least an initial payment of P1,500 (one thousand five hundred pesos) or as indicated on your registration confirmation after 3 days of registration.

-        Participants who registers equal to or less than 2 weeks before the schedule shall be asked to pay in FULL instead.

2.2   International

-        Participants who register for international trips are advised to pay at least $200 (two hundred US dollars) within 5-10 working days after receiving their registration.

-        Participants who registers equal to or less than a month before the schedule shall be asked to pay in FULL instead.


3.1   Domestic

-        FULL Payment must be completed two weeks before the schedule of the trip.

3.2   International

-        FULL Payment must be completed one month before the schedule of the trip. International trips are arranged much earlier to ensure reservations.


Participants who do not pay in full during the prescribed time frame shall forfeit their slots. Participants shall be contacted by Team TF via email; should the participant fail to issue a response initial payments shall also be forfeited.


Cancellation should be done via email. Cancellation via text message will not be acknowledged and honored. The following guidelines shall be adopted should a participant decide to cancel his/her reservation:

5.1   Domestic (via land transfer)

5.1.1   Month(s) to 11 working days before the schedule of the trip:

-        An amount of P500 will be deducted from the initial payment. All other payments will also be returned.

5.1.2   Ten (10) working days or less before the schedule of a trip:

-        All payments made will be automatically converted into Travel Factor Credit.

5.1.3    Five (5) working days or less before the schedule of a trip:
No refund, no rescheduling and No Travel Factor Credit will be issued. Participant has the option to transfer slot and payment to his/her proxy.

5.2  Domestic (via air travel)

5.2.1   Month(s) up to forty-five (45) days before the schedule of the trip:

An amount of P500 will be deducted from the initial payment. All other payments will also be returned.
5.2.2   Forty-five (45) days to thirty (30) days before the schedule of the trip:

An amount of P500 will be deducted from the initial payment. All other payments will be converted to Travel Factor credits.

5.2.3  Thirty (30) days before the schedule of a trip:

No refund, no rescheduling and No Travel Factor Credit will be issued. Participant has the option to transfer slot and payment to his/her proxy.

5. 3   International

Only fees that can be cancelled shall be returned. Travel Factor and its international partners will charge for service fees already rendered.

5.4  PayPal Payment

Only the amount of the package will be reverted on your account / credit card in 30 – 40 days. All PayPal fees incurred during the payment transaction will not be refunded and is shouldered by the participant including penalties for late cancellation (if any).


6.1    Registered participants can ask for transfer to another trip or re-schedule of the same trip but in accordance with the Cancellation Policies. Under circumstances, a minimum amount of P500 will be charged for the transfer. This charge shall cover all service fees that are already rendered and can no longer be refunded.

6.2     Re-scheduling or transfer is only allowed once. When re-scheduling or transferring, re-scheduling fees will be charged.

6.3     All payments are non-refundable but transferable to your proxy for the same registered trip but in accordance to Cancellation Policies.


7.1    Participants with “TF Credits” may use their credit within 90 calendar days after the start of the cancelled trip. Credits that are not used within the prescribed time frame shall be forfeited.

7.2    In case, the participant cancels on the trip wherein Travel Factor Credit will be use, standard refund and cancellation charges will apply.

7.3    In case of cancelled trip, Travel Factor Credit shall remain its status and validity.


8.1  Travel Factor has the right to cancel a scheduled trip due to weather and any other circumstances beyond our control. The following guidelines shall be adopted in such cases:

-        When trip is cancelled prior to actual date or time of departure. Participants will be receiving an official announcement from the Coordinator or a Travel Factor representative confirming cancellation of trip. In this case, an email will also be sent to the participants informing of their options to continue with a reschedule or full refund process.

-        When trip is ongoing and cancelled on the day, Travel Factor will issue a refund with deductions of fees for suppliers, who have already been paid or used; meals consumed on those days; and minimal service fees. Refund will be process on the next working day after the cancelled trip.

-        When a specific activity with admission/ service fee is cancelled during a trip, Travel Factor shall return actual contracted rate of said activity.

8.2   Travel Factor shall not issue a refund where a participant decides, at the last minute, to decline a scheduled activity. Activities are all arranged in advance.

8.3   Travel Factor has the right to postponed schedule if number of guests falls below required minimum number of participants. Payments made can be transferred, credited for future trips or refunded.

8.4 If payment is made via PayPal, the full amount of the package will be reverted on your account / credit card in 30 – 40 days. If the participant opted to get cash refund, participant may claim the refund at our HQ or email the account where the refund will be deposited.

8.5 Flights

Flights bought thru Travel Factor services are on a book-and-buy policy. The payor, should he wish to rebook or refund the tickets bought in his behalf by Travel Factor, must contact the airline provider on his own. Re-booking, refunding and cancellation policies of the airline provider apply.

8.6 International

Only fees that can be cancelled shall be refunded. Travel Factor and its international partners will no longer refund for service fees (i.e. accommodations, tour fees, already paid for prior to the time of cancellation.


9.1   The accident medical travel insurance coverage per participant is P 10,000 maximum (hospital bills, medicines prescribed). If there will be any casualty due to the activities done during the Travel Factor group tour, the family members insured by that participant will receive a total of P 100,000 from the insurance company. It is important to put a beneficiary before submitting your registration form.

9.2   If an accident happens during the trip, the participant will shoulder the expenses first. Travel Factor will assist and help in the insurance claim. These documents are needed to claim medical insurance reimbursements: official receipt, doctor’s prescription, and medical certificate.

9.3   Claiming of Insurance:

-       A form will be emailed to the claimant/injured participant upon reaching Manila.

-     This form should be properly filled up and documents mentioned above should be attached to be submitted to Travel Factor HQ. If there will be no additional questions/clarifications from the insurance company and if complete documents are submitted, within 15 working days, the cheque for the reimbursement will be available for claiming.


10.1 Late Registration / Late Replacement for Slot

A participant will be informed if they fall in this category. Late Registration / Late Replacement for Slot is allowed but has the following consequences:

- ID / Bag Tag may not be provided because trips are prepared and setup one week before the actual trip, the package will still be paid in full of actual price. For replacement for slot, the id / bag tag of the original registrant will be given to them.

- Shirts (if included) may also not be given without deductions on package price. For replacement for slot, the shirt (if included) of the original registrant will be given to them.

- Accommodation / Transportation for late registration will be arranged with no differences or penalties. Should there be issues, the participant will be informed immediately.

10.2 Waiver Policy

Travel Factor requires its participants to understand and sign upon registration a waiver that states the following:

10.2.1   Acknowledgement that caving/trekking/surfing/island hopping/snorkeling entails known and unanticipated risks which could result to accidents and injuries that can be caused by weather conditions, unpredictable terrain, force of nature and other unforeseen elements that we can prepare for.

10.2.2   Agreement to assume voluntary participation in spite of risks on activities and hold harmless Travel Factor from any and all claims, demands, or causes of action which are in any way connected with your voluntary participation.

10.2.3   Travel Factor shall not be liable for any accidents that will happen to the participant throughout the trip. However, Travel Factor shall facilitate medical assistance and help claim of their travel insurance, which we have provided.

10.3   Travel Factor shall not be liable for any minors who join the trip. They need to be supervised by an adult or be given parent’s consent.

10.4   Travel Factor shall not be liable for any pregnant, disabled or elders who join the trip. They need to be assisted by their own trusted company.

10.5   Travel Factor shall not be liable for any lost or damage of baggage and personal belongings. All participants shall be responsible for their own unless stated otherwise.

10.6   Travel Factor reserves the right to refuse service to anyone under the following circumstances, which they will be asked to leave without refund:

-    A participant becomes disruptive to the program and creates discomfort to other guests.

-    A participant that disregards safety and becomes abusive.

10.7   Complaints and Action

10.7.1   Complaint(s) need to be reported immediately with Travel Factor as they happen. First choice of action can be coarse through the Travel Coordinator in charge. Second, the complaint needs to be communicated directly to Travel Factor HQ with verbal conversation and written documentation via email or mail.

10.7.2   Failure to accomplish the above coarse of action shall not be considered by Travel Factor as valid and official.

10.7.3   A participant reserves the right to discontinue on the trip should they find any case that they need to do so. Travel Factor assumes continued participation as valid agreement of all its Terms and Conditions and all arrangements specified by Travel Factor on the trip.


11.1   Travel Factor requires to obtain identifiable information to its participants as formal identification. Should this information be invalid or false, Travel Factor will not be liable.

11.2   Travel Factor will not disclose any information to anyone unless necessary.



Travel Factor acts only as an agent for suppliers and contractors and is as such not liable for any loss, injury, death, accident or damage sustained. In the event of a delay or suspension it is the responsibility of the shipping, airline or transportation company to determine what procedure will be followed. Additional expenses incurred to delays, suspension, accidents, and local conditions must be borne by the passenger. Travel Factor could not be held liable to any untoward incidents (e.g. flight cancellation, flat tires or noise). However, we shall do our best to safeguard your interests.

Our liability is in all cases limited to the purchased amount.

The possibility of changes of timetables, programs, and (tour) prices exist and are subject to confirmation.

All tours are monitored by respective Travel Factor Tour Coordinators.


Cancellation fee will be based on hotels/resorts and other supplier charges. Refunds will be processed asap, but only after receipt of monies from the supplier and receipt of unused tickets and negotiable documents.
In case of cancellation, please inform Travel Factor. Cancellation and refund policies apply.  See terms and conditions for guidance.


Payment can be made either through bank deposit, cash/check payment or online through PayPal. Payment online forces FULL payment.

To guarantee booking, at least 50% of the total amount must be settled within 3-4 banking days upon receipt of the proposal. Otherwise, package rate is subject to change without prior notice.

Booking must be paid in full before the final option date given or at least two (2) weeks before the trip.

Only upon receipt of proof that full payment (or initial payment) has been made, your travel documents will be issued. Travel documents include Travel Voucher, Detailed Itinerary, Things to Bring, Reminders, and Tips.


If registration is made 5 (five) working days or less, and was not given a Travel Factor ID / T-shirt during the trip, participant may request for it. Travel Factor ID / T-shirt should be picked-up at the Travel Factor HQ. If said items are opted to be delivered, a minimum amount of P150 will be charged as delivery fee within Metro Manila. Shipping rates, if delivered outside of Metro Manila, applies.