Beer Tasting 101

Kapitolyo 101

There's more to beer than your usual pale pilsen or light. Like wine, the variety of beer is quite staggering; each varying in type, color, and flavor profile. Craft beer has definitely arrived and is here to stay! Join our Beer Tasting 101 class and learn all about beer and appreciate its intricacies and subtleties. Find out which beer you really like and the food that pairs best with it. The next time you come to a bar, you'll know better!



Nipa Brew is a homegrown microbrewery that has dared to find new flavours and new experiences both in life and in beer. Inspired by Philippines flavors, climates and styles, they seek to develop a craft beer style that reflect different Philippine adventures for different people. Thousands of liters since they started in September 2014, Nipa Brew is still at it: trying to make new flavor discoveries and share their craft beer adventures with people they meet. Whether it’s sweet, bitter, hoppy, or unique, surprising, quirky, Nipa Brew will always be brewing for adventure: bringing you beers you never thought were possible.


04:30 PM Registration
04:45 PM Beer Tasting Class
07:30 PM End of Class


Beer Tasting Class (5 Types of Craft Beer)
Snacks/Appetizers for Pairing

Depending on the rate you select, bring home:
Nipa Brew Craft Beer 2-pack or
Nipa Brew Craft Beer 4-pack

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Beer Tasting

1,250.00 PHP

Beer Tasting w/ 2-pack

1,600.00 PHP

Beer Tasting w/ 4-pack

1,950.00 PHP

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