1.)    How do I register for a trip?

All registration is done online. Find the trip you want to join at our website, www.travelfactor.org, select a schedule, fill-in your personal details then choose your payment method.


2.)    We are a group. How do we register?

Use the “Add Another Traveler” button if you’re traveling and registering as a group.


3.)    I’m not sure of the details being asked. Can I leave some of the personal information blank?

While it is recommended that you fill in all information, the registration system will let you move forward with just the following information: First Name, Last Name, Email and Mobile No. You can just send over the other information as soon as you have them.


4.)    When should I make reservation?

We recommend participants to register as soon as they are certain on going on a trip. The general rule is, the earlier, the better. This holds especially for long weekend trips where slots are taken pretty fast!


5.)    Can I reserve over the phone?

For special cases like unfamiliarity with computer usage or inaccessibility to the internet, we can take note of the important details to reserve you a slot. However, once you have an access to the computer and internet, you will have to send your registration form to complete registration.



1.)    How do I pay for my trip?

There are three ways to make payment:

A.)   Pay online via PayPal (accepts Visa and Mastercard)

B.)   Deposit your payment via BPI (Peso) or Metrobank (US Dollar)

C.)   Set an appointment. Pay in cash/check.


2.)    Do you have other bank where I can deposit my payment?

Our official bank account is under the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) (Bank Account Number, Name) for peso payments and for dollar deposits, you may also deposit in Metrobank (Bank Account Number, Name).


3.)    Can we pay on the day of the trip?

No. We need to finalize the headcount before the trip. All payments must be finalized prior to the departure of the trip.


4.)    Do I have to email a copy of the deposit slip?

No. Just send us via email the date and time of deposit, amount deposited, branch where deposit was made, and the name of participants.


5.)    Can I pay using my credit card?

Yes. You may pay via credit card through our PayPal account. Visa and Mastercard credit cards are accepted. Web admin fees apply.


Group tours:

1.)    I’m a single traveler, how will be the rooms and tents be assigned?

Most of our accommodation are on a group sharing basis, triple – sixtuple sharing. If you are traveling on your own, you will be sharing a room with another Travel Factor solo traveler or your coordinator of the same sex. Sometimes if there are not enough solo travelers, you will be roomed together with small groups of females/males depending on your gender.


2.)    Can I request for a room or tent for myself?

Depending on the group tour type and room availability, you may request this in advance but additional fees will be charged. The cost and the details vary per trip; please send us an email for more details.


3.)    Do you have group discounts?

The group tour rates are fixed whether you join as a solo traveler or as a group. You may request for a customized tour quotation if you want to personalize and specialize a tour for your own group.


4.)    Most of your adventures are scheduled on weekends. Do you have weekday schedules?

Usually, no. Our adventures are scheduled with the weekend warrior state of mind. We can create weekday tours depending on the demand and request from our valued clients.


5.)    Can I bring my pet?

Pets are not allowed during the tour.


6.)    I don’t see any posting in your site that fits my schedule; can you arrange a special tour?

Yes! On the lefthand portion of our website, you will find the Get A Custom Tour button. Click it and fill in the needed information and our Travel Consultants will get back to you with a quote.


7.)    Can I bring my children to your tours? Is there a discount for kids?

It varies per group tour. Please email us the age of your kid/s to better determine if they will be suited to join a specific tour. You may request for a child rate. We consider children as age 5 and below.


8.)    Are tips and gratuities included?

Tipping is entirely at your discretion. Tips are not included in the tour rate.

9.)    Can you book my flights? How much will be the charge?

Yes. However, this is on a Book & Buy policy, meaning full payment is required for us to purchase the tickets. We require passport information (full name, birthday, passport number, passport validity). On top of the actual ticket cost, we charge P250-P500 per sector.


10.) Are seats pre-assigned on the tour vehicle? How do you decide who will seat in front or at the back?

Yes. We determine seating arrangements through group associations. We try our best to ensure that groups are seated together. The front row seats are reserved for Travel Factor coordinators to better facilitate communication with the driver of the vehicle.


11.) Is there a limit on the amount of luggage I bring on the trip?

Ideally, we recommend our participants to just bring ONE (1) piece of luggage on our domestic tours, preferrably not more than 7Kg. The participant may opt to bring any amount of luggage in our international trips as long as he/ she is able to pay for it separately and takes responsibility for it during the entire duration of the trip.


12.) Can I bring a surfboard?

On our SURFVIVOR trips we may be able to accommodate surfboards, the number of which is dependent on the type of vehicle that will be used. If you’re bringing a surfboard, please make sure that you will bring the necessary tie-downs, padding and boardbags to protect the vehicle and your board.


13.) I am a vegetarian. Will you provide food for me?

We can arrange for vegetarian meals as long as dietary restrictions are mentioned upon registration. A participant will have to be responsible for his/her diet if he/ she did not inform our travel consultants of his/ her dietary preference prior to the group tour.


14.) How many people constitute a “group?”

Group sizes may vary per group tour. Small groups should range from 9-12 participants; a coaster group is between 20-25; a mini-bus group tour is from 30-35 while a bus tour is between 40-48 passengers.


15.) How will I know it’s Travel Factor when we are picked up?

Participants shall be notified of the vehicle information and exact pick-up location prior to the date of departure. Our Travel Factor Coordinators wear Travel Factor shirts upon meet-up. Don’t be shy to approach them, they’re friendly!


16.) Can you arrange extra nights for us, or after the tour?

Yes. We can book additional nights for you in the same accommodations if you prefer to arrive before the tour starts or stay after it ends. Some choose to arrive a day or two before the tour, in order to settle in before the tour begins. Some also like the flexibility of an extra day or two after the tour is finished to check out other sights of interest. We can also arrange a tailor-made itinerary for you if you would like to visit a few destinations not covered by the tour.

17.) What kind of clothing should I bring on my tour?

Prescribed clothing varies per tour. Suggested clothing items to bring will be included in the trip primer which will be sent a few days prior to the trip.


18.) How often do your make comfort stops on your tours?

Comfort stops depend on the bus line’s discretion. However, our tour coordinators will brief you on the number of comfort stops prior to departure.


About Travel Factor

1.)    Facebook is blocked here in our office, are there any websites I can check your tour schedules?

Yes. You may visit our official website at www.travelfactor.org.


2.)    Is your office open on weekends?

No. Our office is open from Mondays to Fridays – 10:00AM to 07:00PM. You may send an email or SMS us if you need an urgent reply.


3.)    Do you have age restrictions on your tours?

To travel independently you must be at least 18 years of age. For those below 18, a parent, guardian or family member must accompany them. Otherwise, you will be asked to submit a waiver/parent’s permit to your Travel Factor Coordinator on the trip itself. There are no upper age limits on our tours however travelers should be physically and emotionally fit to join the group tours.


4.)    If I send my registration form or inquiries will there be someone who will answer my email during weekends?

This depends on the availability of our staff and managers.