Team Travel Factor

About Team Travel Factor
Here at Travel Factor, we believe that the heart and soul of our company resides in our Team Travel Factor. Composed of young and adventurous urban professionals, our team is dedicated to ensure that our participants have a great time.

We are passionate about travel.
Travel Factor started out with travelers reaching out to other travelers and to this day, our passion for travel has not faded one bit. We continue to comb and scour the Philippines for the best and newest finds so that you can experience them too. Ask us about traveling and we’ll talk about it for hours!

We’re very friendly.
Having passion for travel is not enough. To be a Travel Factor Coordinator, you’d have to be a people person, a natural leader, and a friendly one at that! Travel Factor Coordinators are kind and approachable, even in the morning (hangover withstanding)!

We’re just like you.
Our Travel Factor Coordinators are young, free-spirited, urban professionals. In short, they’re just like you! Most probably, they’ll know what you want, the things you want to do, the stuff you want to talk about, the things you want to rant about. They even have bosses and day jobs, just like you.

We Know Adventure.
Our Travel Factor Coordinators are the persons you wanna hang out with. They’re knowledgeable on the trip, they’re sociable, they’ll even party with you and make sure you go back to your room / tent in one piece. Ask them about adventure.